Is In Home Care Right For You?

If there’s one thing everyone wishes they had more of, it’s time. Working young adults never seem to have enough time and are hardly able to relax. And, many have the added pressures of looking after and caring for their senior parents.

Seniors are living longer and healthier lives than ever before, but they still need to be closely monitored and looked after. Their busy children, no matter how much they try, simply can’t be there as much as they’re needed. But, the majority of these people also are frightened by the idea of hiring a caregiver or, even worse, putting their parents in a retirement home. Everyone has heard various horror stories and they obviously become disconcerting.

The mission of My Choice Senior Services is to make it possible for seniors to live confidently and age gracefully in their own home or wherever they will feel best. We also want to ease the concerns of their children and let them know that their parents are in good hands. Our Certified Companion Aide (CCA) trained caregivers provide unparalleled service and recently helped MyChoice win more awards (check our other blog post to see our latest awards).

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